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Prestige core business is to establish a high performance yet cost effective “nearshore” contact center in Baja California for all of our clients. With Prestige, you get fully bilingual, bi-cultural, multi-talented, well-educated, U.S. trained agents with the expertise in a wide array of call center business functions such as: Customer Service Support (inbound calls, email, chat support, and AI support), Tech Support - Level I and II (inbound and chat support), B2B and B2C Outbound and Inbound Sales and Lead Generation campaign, Surveys, Appointment Setting, Executive Virtual Assistants, Student Debt Loan Consolidation, Debt Collection, Data Entry, Social Media Management, and Pay-Per-Click Facebook marketing.

Our management team has over 25-years of expertise in successfully establishing U.S. Companies in Mexico. We have the legal framework, technology infrastructure, and professional administrative personnel to quickly get your center up and running.

PRESTIGE is led by a talented team of web enthusiasts and business professionals whose experience, knowledge, and technical capabilities are unmatched by its competitors. Having completed various projects and having worked with numerous clients, we have developed proven processes and best practices to ensure our projects are delivered successfully and on time.

As a leader in our industry, we provide consulting to companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations, and we are here to provide you with the same honest advice as you look for the right partner for your project. We provide services for small, mid-sized and large conglomerates by owning the overall responsibility of your project if you choose us as your strategic partner.


Who we are

Who we are

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Affordable: Cost effective and reliable services that are on par with US-based call centers at a fraction of the cost.

Dependable: Utilization of cutting-edge technologies, Infrastructure, and software to aid in seamless service for our clients to ensure near 100% up-time. ​

Accountable: Motivated bilingual agents and managers that are dedicated to their jobs and the success of our clients.​

Trustworthy: Daily monitoring and evaluations of our personnel and systems to ensure compliance, integrity, and modes of improvement.​

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