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Customer Service Support

Bilingual Inbound and Outbound phone support, chat support, ticket response, and email support.

Tech Support

Perform network basic diagnostics to identify the problems, resolve assigned trouble tickets, and consult with customers.

Retail Call Center Support

Inbound/Outbound answering services, customer retention, virtual receptionist, retail ordering support, emergency service, etc.

Outbound/Inbound Sales


Inbound and outbound phone sales support, order taking, partial form fill follow up, etc.

Surveys and Market Research

The study of the spending characteristics and purchasing power of the consumer who are within your business's geographic area of operation; a research method for defining the market parameters of a business.

Back Office Support

Data entry, transcription, Human Resource Support, Payroll Support, CRM updating.

Social Media Concierge Service

We help you discover the power of social media by creating leads and generating more brand awareness for your business. All while eliminating the guess work when it comes to using Facebook and Twitter for your business.

Outbound/Inbound Lead Gen Campaigns

Inbound and outbound phone lead generation for any time of services, order taking, partial form fill follow up, etc.

Appointment Setting

Collections (Debt & Recovery)

Outbound/Inbound allows you to increase market awareness while simultaneously adding momentum to the process of moving opportunities further along into the sales pipeline.

Effectively negotiate to collect past due balances on loans and assessments in order to bring accounts current.

Email Customer Service Support

Online email customer service support, including order taking. Coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to escalate a persuasive argument to purchase, subscribe, download, etc.

Marketing & Web Page Design

Brand awareness for your business using websites, landing pages, animated whiteboards that suites your business needs.

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