Don’t Let Agent Attendance Problems Drag Down Your Call Center

Attendance Problems in Call Centers - Prestige Call Center
Attendance Problems in Call Centers

Attendance Issues Are Not Inevitable and They Can Be Dealt With

Agent attendance problems are something too many call centers struggle with. Unlike many businesses that can work around a late or absent employee, this isn’t the case for a call center. Call centers strategically schedule staff, so they have the right number of employees working at any given time. When one person is late or absent, it hurts the level of customer service that the remaining agents can give to callers. Everyone suffers.

Yet agent attendance problems don’t have to plague your call center. Here are some steps you can take to significantly lower the number of agents who show up late or miss their shifts.

Review Attendance Policies

To start, look at your attendance policies. Do they accurately state your expectations? Do they provide an appropriate incentive for agents? Also consider if you want to give a reward for compliance, a punishment for noncompliance, or both. Make sure you start with the right policy if you have any hope of achieving a better outcome.

Enforce Rules Fairly