Six Tips To Benefit Agent Empowerment in a Contact Center

Brands nowadays recognize that happy customers are often those who feel the most empowered. When customer engagement is efficient, timely, and conducted in a friendly manner, customers tend to become loyal advocates of the brands that provide such a service. In the same vein, agent empowerment is key to these great customer experiences, as a successful contact center depends on the knowledge, calm, and overall confidence of its agents. Here are six tips for agent empowerment in a contact center.

Agents Receiving Training
Prestige Training

1. Train agents to deliver their best. In a contact center, knowledge is power. One of the most important steps toward agent empowerment is providing agents with the skills to succeed. Agents should be trained to use contact center technologies such as CRM software to properly address customer inquiries. In addition, keeping agents updated with recent brand developments, such as new products or services, is crucial to ensuring that they can provide the best service with confidence.

2. Establish best practices across the contact center for consistency. Taking out the guesswork is essential to agent empowerment. Rather than making agents second-guess decisions that might impact their effectiveness, contact centers should establish best practices to ensure consistency of service. For example, managers and agents may work together to revise call scripts that address the most frequent customer concerns. Problematic situations should also be addressed and the role played in training sessions, such as finding strategies for supporting frustrated customers or agreeing on the correct language and lexicon to use in written communications.