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5 Reasons to Choose Tijuana for BPO (Part 2)

Prestige Call Center BPO Nearshore Contact Center in Tijuana
BPO Nearshore Contact Center in Tijuana

When thinking about servicing your Spanish-speaking customer base, why is Tijuana such a great choice for BPO? From its solid educational systems to it's multi cultured residents, there are many reasons Tijuana stands out as the perfect choice to provide support for your Spanish-speaking customers. Let's review the top 5 competitive advantages that should put Tijuana at the top of your consideration list: safety, stability, a skilled market and quality management capabilities, cultural affinity, well-educated, U.S. trained agents with the expertise in a wide array of call center business functions and similar time zones with the US market.

1. Safety Tijuana is a city that is located in the Baja California state of Mexico. It is the westernmost city in Mexico. Tijuana is designated as a global city and has become a leader in the nation in economics, culture, politics, education and industry. The city is one of the fastest-growing in the country. It has a population of 1,696,923.  The major crime concern is organized crime related to drug cartels and human trafficking. While U.S. citizens not involved in criminal activities are generally not targeted, innocent bystanders are at slight risk due to the violence.

2.  Economic Stability A dominant manufacturing center of the North American continent, the city maintains facilities of many multinational conglomerate companies. In the early 21st century, Tijuana became the medical-device manufacturing capital of North America. Tijuana is also a growing cultural center and has been recognized as an important new cultural mecca. There are also U.S. high-tech firms and several telemarketing companies in the city, drawing people with technical trade and college degrees to Tijuana. One example is Prestige Call Center, a California-based telemarketing company that maintains two call centers in Tijuana with over 150 employees. This makes Tijuana a popular city for bilinguals, migrant workers as well as college graduates from other parts of Mexico as well as other countries to the south who've can speak and write in English.

3. A skilled market and quality management capabilities

Tijuana not only boasts a solid economy, a clear institutional framework and well-respected democratic institutions, it has also established a base for innovation and business to thrive. First, Tijuana's labor force has a comparatively high level of education and bilingual capacities. It boasts 5 of the region’s best universities. 

On an international level, Tijuana, Mexico has 22 trade agreements covering 60 countries including agreements with the EU, Mercosur, China, India, South Korea, and Canada.

4. Cultural affinity

As a majority of the Spanish speakers in the United States have cultural origins in Central and Latin America, a customer support hub located in the region is well positioned to understand the communication style and expectations of US Spanish speakers. The high level of education and technological developments in Tijuana also make the country well equipped to support the customer service complexity that multinational firms in the US may require. As a result, Tijuana has become an ideal hub from which multinational firms can not only support their US Spanish speaking customers, but also springboard into the rest of Latin America.

5. Similar time zones with the US market.

Tijuana, Mexico and Los Angeles share the same time-zone, making customer support possible during normal business hours for both countries. This makes graveyard shifts for agents unnecessary, and it also makes it easier to schedule and maintain regular meetings between executive and leadership teams in Tijuana and the United States.

For all of these reasons, Tijuana is well-positioned to take its BPO market global as well. The national BPO market bills some US $1 billion a year. And to top it all off, The New York Times, The Guardian & The Telegraph have all ranked Tijuana as the City to Watch in Mexico. 

Do you have your bags packed and your passport ready? In part 3 of this series, we'll talk about how BPO can help you meet your business objectives and customer service experience goals, especially when it comes to serving almost 50 million potential Spanish-speaking Americans. 

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