A Positive Call Center Culture Matters

A Positive Call Center Culture Matters - Prestige Call Center
A Positive Call Center Culture Matters

For many medium to large businesses, their call centers are the primary point of contact with consumers. Whether someone is calling to place an order, request information about a product, inquire about a delivery date or voice a complaint, a call center is expected to handle everything pleasantly, informatively and efficiently. Put simply, a call center is the backbone of almost every business — not only for business leaders, but for consumers as well.

If you manage a call center, you probably understand the importance of your contact center’s role to your company’s overall fiscal performance. If you work in another department, you may not fully appreciate how much your employer’s success or failure is influenced by the customer service your company’s call center provides every day. To get an idea of how heavily your company’s bottom line can be influenced by its call center, consider this: 78 percent of consumers have abandoned a transaction or decided not to make a planned purchase because they received poor customer service.

In her role as The People Skills Coach, Kate Nasser often uses examples of real-life customer service situations that have gone awry to train customer service representatives to provide the best service possible, or at