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Deportees Are Thriving In Tijuana Call Centers

Deportees Are Thriving In Tijuana Call Centers - Prestige Call Center
Deportees Are Thriving In Tijuana Call Centers

Nearly six years ago a young 18 year old, Felix Castaneda was deported to Mexico after being raised and educated in the US. He was forced to leave his mom, sister, niece, and friends behind and live in a country that he knew very little about other than knowing he was born in Guerrero, Mexico.

Flex knew he had to find work as soon as he got his Mexico paperwork in order, he just didn't know where to look. He didn't have much of a work background outside of a little construction work. However with the average pay for a general construction worker ranging from $100MX to $200MX per day ($5.50 - $11.00 US) in Tijuana, Felix knew it was going to be hard to get by as a manual laborer. Eager to find a good paying job where he could speak English and utilize his computer skills, Felix began researching call centers in Tijuana. Quickly he learned that he had a great opportunity to be successful as a call center agent. With base pays ranging from $1,500MN to $2,500MN and with the ability to make up to $5,000MN - $6,000MN per week he joined Teloro a call center that specializes in solar sales for homes throughout the U.S.

Within a couple of months Felix got the groove of making sales calls from the opening to the closing and began to make over $24,000MN on a monthly bases. That's nearly $1,500 US per month and double the amount what a teacher, fire fighter, and general construction work makes in Mexico.

Felix isn't the only deportee that took the bull by the horns when a second opportunity arose for him in Mexico after leaving behind his life in the US. There are thousands of other Mexican deportees who are finding success in call centers in Tijuana and throughout Mexico.

Why are deportees thriving in call centers? Luis Esparza, a managing partner at Prestige Call Center located in Zona Centro Tijuana suggests the majority of deportees that are having success in call centers is related to the passion of wanting to make something out of themselves after being told they are no longer welcomed in a country that they considered their home, their land. Luis went out to say "There are so many deportees that are bilingual, they speak excellent English and Spanish and posses strong communication, computer and typing skills that allows them to become great contributors for various types of campaigns handled in call centers. With the proper training and dedication it opens the doors for supervisor and management opportunities, something that many deportees never dreamed would be possible when they were deported from the US."

Tijuana has become the hot bed for US companies to outsource their customer service, tech support, sales and lead generation campaigns to call centers located in Tijuana. Over the past five years there has been a 40% growth in call centers operating in Tijuana compared to five years ago. Currently there are over 75 call centers operating in Tijuana. Some have over 250 employees manning their phones like Telvista, CCSI, and Confie but majority of call centers average 75-125 telemarketers like Prestige Call Center and Motiva Contact Center. And your smaller contact centers such as Circle Center and Intergrated Client Solutions average 20-30 call center agents.

With the abundance amount call centers in Tijuana and being so close to the US border which allows families to visit; this is providing deportees many options to choose from not only from a job perspective but as a career opportunity that fits their skill sets. A career is something deportees never believed would be possible when they arrived to Mexico. This is allowing for new deportees an open window knowing that they too can thrive in call centers in Tijuana. But of course it's going to take a lot hard-work and dedication but the payoff in the end is very rewarding, financially and professionally.

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