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How to Meet Your Business Objectives by Serving Spanish Speaking Markets (Part 3)

How to Meet Your Business Objectives by Serving Spanish Speaking Markets (Part 3)
How to Meet Your Business Objectives by Serving Spanish Speaking Markets (Part 3)

Many business leaders are familiar with the belief that in the future, as Customer Experience becomes increasingly important, it will become the main differentiator between companies. It is vital to the health and growth of your company to provide the best service, and in order to do so, you must also provide the best support to the diverse groups in your customer base. Call center staff who speak their language is one part of the equation, and the other part is ensuring your agents also understand the cultural nuances and expectations of your different customers. Expectations play a large role in how a customer will rate their experience, and research from PWC’s “Future of Customer Experience” report in 2018, showed that:

“One in three consumers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. This figure is even higher in Latin America, at 49%.” Understanding the expectations from different groups, providing expert support with agents who understand their needs and communication style and language, are all vital to creating the absolute best customer experience for a growing, underrepresented group. 

To avoid missing out on an opportunity to grow your business and stand apart from your competitors with Spanish speaking customers in the US, you can partner with existing BPO solutions providers in Latin America, like Prestige Call Center.

Prestige Call Center - Servicio Al Cliente
Prestige Call Center - Servicio Al Cliente

How Can Prestige Call Center Support Your Business Objectives and Meet the Needs of your Spanish-Speaking Customer Base? 

“Tijuana is a strategic location, a hub from which we can offer our services to the whole region and worldwide, and the local human resources have a culture of excellence,” says Boris P., CEO and President of Prestige Call Center. “In Tijuana we will continue to expand regionally while also offering world-class services abroad, being able to adopt to the specific needs of each client based on our own, certified management models.”

More than a simple solutions provider, at Prestige Call Center we seek to become a strategic partner with our customers, freeing up their time and resources so they can focus on their core business, while leaving the outsourcing and administration of all or part of their non-central processes in our hands.

There are many reasons why you would consider sourcing your BPO needs with Prestige Call Center, including:

1. Two decades of experience with seasoned executives who know the industry.

2. Flexibility, innovative leadership, connection with clients, agility in response and action, client-centric culture, omnichannel BPO services.

3. World-class business technology, innovation and fully backed up operations.

4. Work methodology modeled on COPC best practices.

5. Friendly, local service with multinational backing.

6. Fully bilingual, bi-cultural, multi-talented, well-educated, U.S. trained agents with the expertise in a wide array of call center business functions.

7. These are just some of the reasons why you would consider sourcing your BPO needs with Prestige Call Center.

Reasons to Consider Prestige Call Center
Reasons to Consider Prestige Call Center

Over the years, Prestige Call Center has also been recognized for success in bringing best practices and international expertise to the Tijuana market. Beyond the awards Prestige Call Center has received from analysts and associations, what truly matters to us is the feedback from our customers. Prestige Call Center provides top-notch local services for international companies such as Spectrum and DIRECTV as well as for Mexico fastest growing burger franchise, Carl's Junior.

Gracias, Prestige Call Center
Gracias, Prestige Call Center

Additionally, Prestige Call Center global's average partnership lasts more than 2 years, with a majority of our clients returning to renew and/or expand their contracts. Part of the reason clients remain with us for so long is because of our ability to choose recruit the best people in strategic locations like Tijuana. It has made a significant difference in the quality of the support Prestige Call Center offers in business process outsourcing. We specialize in the best processes, technology and people for core functions outside of our clients’ expertise, so they can simply focus on growing their business.

If your goals include creating richer and faster customer and technical support experiences, supercharging digital strategies, and mastering operational excellence for your Spanish speakers, learn more about our Multilingual Call Center & BPO services here.  

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